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Explosive Rotational Power (English)

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Jason Glass is one of the world’s top Golf and Rotational Sport Strength & Conditioning Specialists. Jason owns and operates Jason Glass Performance Lab and Kinetica Golf Performance in Vancouver BC; specialising in training rotary athletes, biomechanics, physical assessments and functional strength training. Jason is a consultant for many teams and professional athletes from the PGA Tour, NFL, NHL and Extreme Sports. Jason has also served as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian National Team. Jason is also the head of the Titleist Performance Institutes Fitness Advisory Board. Jason has been featured on the Golf Channel, Golf Canada Magazine and CBC Sports.

We hosted this fantastic workshop with Jason in July 2017 and he truly does great work in a unique way. Coach Glass has made a craft out of his coaching model, through his expert skills and the way he interacts and communicates. We as coaches must look at the softer skills, something which Jason has in abundance. Please be sure to follow the below links to learn more about Coach Glass.

We have described a progression for a training session that you can use with a client, athlete or team. The exercises progress from working through to a high threshold and powerful rotary training exercises.

Remember assessing the sling pattern can be a very motivating tool for your player. This then gives an ‘individualised’ warm up sequence for all athletic training sessions.

Website: https://www.jasonglassperformancelab.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonglasslab
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonglasslab/?hl=en

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