Certificate in Applied Athletic Performance (Georgian)

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Course Description

The aim of the Certificate in Applied Athletic Performance is to provide the learner with an understanding of acute training variables along with periodised plans at a micro-, meso- and macro- level. The course is not directed towards any specific sport and will tailor to those that are seeking to coach both athletes and general population.


The topics covered on the programme include the below:

·     Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

·     Key Lifts in Resistance Training

·     Intro to Speed, Accel and Decel

·     Speed – Max Velocity and Agility

·     Endurance Development

·     Fitness Testing

·     Programme Design and Periodisation


Learning Outcomes

The course will cover three primary areas encompassing theoretical aspects, practical coaching and programme management.

On completion of the course, the student will display knowledge and understanding of key related aspects and principles of training in designing and implementing programmes of development for team and individual athletes. The student will also display proficiency in practical coaching and the application of various training methods within the development programme. They will also display knowledge and skills related to monitoring, management and review of team and individual development.

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